To start a new year is a great time to give your personal finances makeover. As you form a New Year resolution for a new and improved you, consider some financial resolutions that will help you save money and build up your reserves. Some perseverance and self control, you can make your pocketbooks as healthy as the rest you.

CREATE BUDGET – Nobody likes to be on budget, so it takes mental flip to view a budget as positive thing. Think about budget as freedom instead of something that confines you. Start with simple ledger that tracks money you bring in, spend and put it your regular saving, emergency and life happens fund and it should equal zero, no money left over.

BUILD UP YOUR SAVINGS – every time you have extra money like bonus put at least 10% of that into your main savings account, separate from your life happens or emergency fund.

THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU SWIPE – whenever you go shopping ask yourself if what you are buying is want and need. Do this everything from clothing to grocery and if it does not need put it back.

MAKE WALLET FRIENDLY REMIDERS – motivate yourself by writing on small card how much money you need to get out of debt or to fill your emergency or life happen funds. Keep the card in your wallet so that whenever you reach for money, you are reminded of your goals

AVOID SALES – stand firm against sales gimmicks, everyone loves bargain, but few people consider that you never save when you spend money. People say, I’m saving fifty percent and I always say; you are not saving, saving is the act of putting money into an account.

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