What is easier? It is easier for you to keep money in saving account you cannot touch? Or it is easier for you to keep it in cash box or in a jar?

Make your budget; in order to save money you should know how much you can afford to put back every month check. Make your budget and even if you can only afford 10 t0 20 bucks at a time, it will all add up.

Keep it safe but convenient place, depending on where you live you might be better off investing in safe. This way if you happen to have broken in all your savings will still be safe.

Set a reward, in order you to keep from temptation of spending that saved money, make a reward for you. After you have save some amount, you get a reward. Not on your money save of course but this might motivate you even more to save and not spend it. Watching your savings grow right in front you can be the best reward of all.

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