If you are on the tight budget, you have a big family that need to save something special, need money for vacation or pay some important bill, saving money is easy if you know proven tips. Start saving now!

  1. Spending control can be like losing weight, if you put off eating a piece of chocolate, you may not want it later and will avoid calories. When you have impulse to buy something do not. Put off the decision for few days and you will find you no longer have urge to buy what you though you had to have.
  2. Do not buy item in the store you find it or on the first website where you see it. Hunt for a deal, considers buying store rather than name brands, make buying store brands for groceries a regular habit.
  3. Become energy miser and actively seek ways to cut your energy bill, turn down your thermostat during winter and up during summer.
  4. Home cooking instead of eating out, save more money by buying less prepared groceries since you are paying extra for that benefit. Use coupons when shopping for cooking at home. Buy food in bulk and save. Do not shop in grocery when you are hungry.
  5. Credit card interest payment can quickly add up, pay your credit card on time and pay the full amount. Using credit card is easier to forget how much you are spending compared to paying cash.
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