There are so many ways to cut costs during recession.

  1. Use cash back credit card to pay your bills monthly. In this way hundred of dollars in rebates by year end, a large purchases that you can pay off relatively quickly will add up to even more.
  2. Switch your high interest credit card over to one offering zero percent balance transfer. Banking online instead of traditional bank using captive ATM and using direct deposit and automatic bill pay can also save you many types of charges and fees.
  3. Moving you stock accounts to discount broker from full service broker can save you hefty commission fees as well. Furthermore, many low cost brokers offer a range of bank type services like money market account, debit card and checks and daily sweeps often for free or much less than what banks charge.
  4. Arrange to work longer and fewer days for your employer if they will allow you. Working for ten hours a day reduces your commuting cost by twenty percent. It also gives you a free day during a week to take care of other business, which might cost time off the clock to conduct otherwise.
  5. Make all those little improvement around the house that saves you money. Unplug unused electronic appliances and use water saving shower and faucet heads.

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