I am sure that there’s a lot of people out there who applied and or currently applying on loans, installment loan and bad credit loan this holiday season. I couldn’t blame them. I, myself wanted to apply for loan just to have extra money to spend on gift giving this Christmas. And I almost give in to that loan temptation if I had not been very wary of paying some other existing loan that I have. I am just convincing myself that I will survive this Christmas season without that extra money that I would have to pay for after this holiday season is over.

I don’t know why Christmas had been this all about spending too much money. I know it is the perfect season of giving and showing the ones you cared for and love that you appreciate them in your life by giving them gifts. But sometimes I find it a little too much and overrated. It shouldn’t be all about the gift. I guess people needed to be reminded of the true essence of Christmas. Because as I have noticed many people is already jaded because it has becomes to be about having a lot of money this season.

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