Save for vacation, retirement and big purchase or help make ends meet by earning extra income a month. You can turn favorite hobby into revenue stream by teaching, writing or marketing skills. If you suffer from illness, you might be able to receive investigative treatments for your condition while being compensated for your time.

Capitalize your talents, if you sew, paint or make any other sort of craft; sell your creations at craft fairs throughout the year. You can also set up online shop so that you can sell to people across the globe. If you are handy around the house and able to fix you own plumbing, repair a hole in the wall or oil squeaky door hinge, sell your services to your neighbors.

Teach a workshop or tutor, you can further capitalize your skills by teaching workshop on the community college or recreation center. Continuing education and life long learning programs are continually looking to a people to teach classes that range from basic cooking skills. If you are musically inclined and able to pay instrument, you can offer private lesson for children and adults in your home. If you look back on the days of homework fondly, you can tutor students from elementary through college. You can offer private tutoring sessions or work with tutor centering.

Start a blog, if you are enjoying writing; consider starting a blog, sign up with an advertising program like AdSense, Google’s and AbBrite to display advertisement on your blog. The ads are usually related to the content on your blog. When visitors click on the ads, you will earn small referral fee. You can also sign up for affiliate programs with online store like Amazon. If a visitor clicks on an ads on your blog and purchases something at the store, you will receive small percentage of the sales.

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