If you are in the situation where you cannot get more hours or more pay at work, you can improve this situation on your own by developing money making opportunities at home. Any number of services and products can be adapted to small business. Get rich quick schemes are usually fantasies, but the goal of bringing in some extra cash is entirely reasonable and achievable.

Online opportunities, a lot of people bring income without leaving their homes; opportunities on internet are limited only by your imagination and how much risk and effort you want to take on. High risk opportunities to potentially make money only gambling and investing in stocks and bonds become a freelance writer and you can sell your article to online content site, you can sell online website like eBay, etc.

Homemade products, since 20th century and widespread commercialization and mass production many homes have become sites of consumption rather than production. The traditional home was a place where many useful things were produced and your home can be that way again. Commodities can produced for sale in your home like baked goods, jam and jellies and other edibles, woodworking products and furniture and customized clothes. Develop your interest to commercial level and you can bring money doing what you love. Arts and craft including painting, lawn art and quilts can also be profitably produced and marketed at home.

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