I am huge dog lover. Although there are times that I adore cats still prefer dogs as a pet. Since when I was a kid I always had a pet dog. I lost count on how many dogs I took care, well maybe around ten dogs already. And one of the things that suck on having a pet dog is when they are already old and you know that it is only a matter of time before they pass away. That is the sad fact about dogs; they only have a short life span. Aside from having a short life span they are also very fragile. Good thing there are now animal medication like traumeel for dogs available. How about you? Are you also crazy about dogs?


SUMMER is officially here! Temperatures are beginning to rise again and if wasn’t enough to make you hot headed, just wait until you get your electricity bill. Turning air condition and electric fan to cool ourselves, our energy bills usually rise during this season. Here are some tips for energy consuming hotspot to look out for.

AIR CONDITIONING – if you already have an air condition, make it sure it is installed in shady spot, if not, you could either relocate it or find a way to shade it current location. A air condition that under direct by sunlight it use 10% of electricity rather than the air condition that are placed on a shade. Keep hot things away from air condition inside the house too, lamps, tv, and stoves that placed near the air condition fool the thermostat into thinking the room is hotter than it really is, so your air condition work at full capacity longer than it really should.

Keep your air condition filter unclogged by cleaning regularly. Dirty filters will prevent your air condition from properly cooling your room, so you just are wasting electricity. If you are just about to purchase an air condition, consider getting one that uses inverter technology. Inverter type of air condition use save up to 50% less electricity, than conventional air conditioning units.

This is the right size of air condition for your room.

ROOM SIZE – less than 10 sqm, a correct horsepower is 0.5 HP

                    10-13 sqm, 0.75 HP

                     14-17 sqm, 1.0 HP

                      19-21 sqm, 1.25 HP

                       22-25 sqm, 1.5 HP

                       26-35 sqm, 2.0 HP


Managing household budget is a matter of matching income with expenses. Some expenses are difficult to change or control than others. If you and your family need to cut your living expenses due to reduced income or unexpected financial obligations, you can find places to save in several key areas.
Eliminate unnecessary bills – monthly bills can add up especially when they consist of necessary items like rent, utilities and foods. One fast and effective way to reduce your living expenses is to eliminate unnecessary costs, like use public internet service rather that to subscribing an internet in your home, borrow movie rather than to subscribe to cable or satellite television, eliminate cell phone bill and live with landline or combine several cell phone bills into a single family plan.
Restructure your debt – it is difficult to meet your household expenses and find money to save, when you are paying off loans. However, debt is important living expenses since defaulting may cost you your home, car or ability to borrow in the future. While you may not be able to eliminate loans anytime soon, you can still restructure and manage your debt to save yourself as much as possible.
Drive less, a lot of household expenses involve travel and automobiles, driving less will save money in number of areas. Less driving means less money for fuel. Cutting back to a single car for your family instead of two or three may means sharing rides and relying on public transit but it is also save on car loan interest, maintenance, and auto insurance.

How to Throw a Fab Dinner Party with Very Little Money

Do you love to invite a few friends over every now and then for a good meal, some wine and great company? Maybe you are feeling the crunch of the economy and don’t feel that you can afford to throw a great dinner party. However, with a little imagination you can pull off a terrific dinner party on the tightest of budgets without your friends having a clue as to how much you spent. Here are some tips to follow.

Select Your Main Course with Care  

To get the most bang for your buck when entertaining at home, select a main dish that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to make. For instance, if you know that whole chickens are going to be on sale the week of your party, pick one up and plan to roast it. You can then buy low cost items to use as side dishes such as potatoes, frozen peas and freezer bread rolls. You can dress up baked potatoes with some special cheese melted on top and can add some fresh herbs and butter to the bread to make it look and taste delicious.

Make your Party a BYOB

While it’s always nice to provide your guests with booze, it’s not necessary. When you write out the invitations, include a BYOB at the bottom. Anyone wishing to drink alcohol at your party will not have a problem bringing their own. If you insist on serving wine, look for a decent brand on sale. Be sure that the wine you choose compliments the food you are serving. Remember the rule that white wines go with chicken, pork and fish while reds should be reserved for pasta and red meats.

Make Your Own Invitations

Greeting card stores are notorious for charging sky high prices for invitations. You can save a bundle by making your own invites using your computer and home printer. A very frugal way to go about sending out invitations is to design them online and then send them out via email. This way, you won’t have to spend a thing on stamps or paper which can save you a good deal of money.

Don’t Buy New Dishes

You don’t have to rush out and buy new dishes just to impress your friends. You probably have some great dishes sitting around your house which you can use to serve up all types of foods very creatively. For example, you can use martini glasses to serve desserts in and use an old, forgotten-about platter for placing your main course on the table. Be creative and don’t think that all your dishes have to match because they don’t.

Make Your Own Centrepiece

It’s super easy to find instructions online telling you how to create eye-catching centrepieces. If you are following a theme, simply put your searching skills to good work and find a DIY centrepiece that keeps with your chosen theme. You don’t have to be an interior decorator or Martha Stewart to create a stunning centrepiece nor do you have to spend more than a couple of pounds making one.


Unexpected events from job loss to health concerns can lead to a drastic change in income. Choices about education and career can also be determining factors when it comes to a lower income. Living on less money takes a combination of creativity and resourcefulness. Although you cannot always control the amount of income you can adjust lifestyle and spending habits to move through the temporary changes and create an existence that is not only workable but also satisfying.

Create working budget; determine how much income will be made during each month from employment, unemployment benefits and any other resources. Calculate monthly bills like loan payment, utilities, rent, etc. also necessary expenditures like food and transportation. Budget will help you monitor spending activity and make changes to adjust to a lower income.

Cancel other account that are not under contract like cable TV, movie rentals, gym or other club membership, these kind of nonessential spending should be the first to be eliminated. Check for budget programs through your local utility, water and heating fuel providers. These programs set a lower monthly payment based on usage and can help you control your utility spending.

Change your entertainment habits, stop eating out or ordering pizza and start cooking at home. Stop going to movie theaters and renting movies; instead look for DVDs to check out at your local library.

Change where you shop for food and clothing, there are varieties of discount grocery stores and big box retailers that offer greater savings than you will find in specialty markets. Garage sales can also be great resources for clothing or home goods that you may need.

Find ways to supplement low income, consider selling items that you do not need like clothes, books, DVDs and other household items. You can hold a garage sale or sell items online through websites like Facebook, Ebay, etc.


Do you know that having great headphones can make a lot of difference when you listen to your favorite music? I have already tried almost every headphone out there (including the m-audio headphones at Guitar Center) and I can really tell you the difference of listening to top-rated class headphones than to those entry-level ones. You can really enjoy listening to your favorite music with the features of top-rated headphone brands. It transports you to a place that an entry-level headphones can’t do. Well of course you just have to take my word for it. But I am highly suggesting you should also try it.