We already are on the final stretch of the year and this is the time that I usually plan my goals for the next year. Next year I want to travel, if not overseas at least I get to go around the country. I think it is about time for me to explore my country before planning to explore other countries. But of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that I will stop my music passion/journey. I would probably buy yamaha travel guitar and still engage on playing it while travelling. I might get to compose songs along the way, who knows.

Earn Extra Money from an Online Business

Just starting out online, wondering how you can make money from an online business and cash in? It’s not really that difficult…no really! I know you may be suffering from information overload, but be assured you’re not alone; I’ve been there as have most online business people.
So, where to start? Well I’m going to give your 4 ways to develop an online business and start making some money.
1. Start a blog-I know it sounds simplistic but it’s true, if you want an online presents (and you should) start a blog. It can be a free one from any of the available platforms (there’s a bunch) but I would recommend Why? Because it’s my favorite that’s why! Seriously though Blogger is owned by Google, so it should be around for a while, you can monetize your blog in just about any way you like, the site is very user friendly, and you can be blogging in just a few minutes!
2. Article marketing-Article marketing is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to create content for my Internet audience of millions. Not only can you get as many (you’re in control here) quality backlinks to your online content, but you can make money with your articles themselves (ever heard of Bum Marketing?)
3. Build a list-“the money’s in the list” Ok, ok I know you’ve heard that too many times but it is just so true! People who take the time to subscribe to your list are wanting to hear more of what you have to say. That makes them more open to any offers you have than some Joe Blow who happens to find your offer while surfing around the net…right?
4. Create your own product or service-this will be the way to make the most money online hands down! (if you develop a popular product or service anyways) Do this in conjunction with the other steps and you could well be on your way to building your own money sucking online business. Although you can make money online by implementing any or all of these money making techniques, combining them all has proved a profitable combination time and again.


If there’s one guilty pleasure that I consider having is my fondness on buying music instruments. This isn’t totally weird because I am really into music specifically playing musical instrument. I could say that I was almost on the verge of knowing how to play almost all kinds of musical instruments. I just categorize this as my guilty pleasure because it is financially challenging to keep up with this passion of mine. If I had to buy a music instruments I need to really work hard for it. No worries, because if you love something there is no amount of money that can stop you for pursuing it because the reward isn’t something that money can buy.


Yes you can start money making home business with very little expense. It is up to you based on your work ethic and how much time you can put into it.

Here are some reasons to start money making home business on the Internet today.

  1. You can start part time. Building a home business online can be worked around your full time job. You are not giving up your day job to do Internet marketing. You will still have that income to fall back on.
  2. It is possible to get started for free, or with very little or no cash out of your pocket. Hosting a website is cheaper than starting an offline business without all of the overhead. All you need is a computer with Internet access. There are many ways to start a business and invest your time as opposed to your money.
  3. Your salary is not fixed by someone else. You can give yourself a raise anytime you want by just working harder and smarter.
  4. You schedule your work time. This gives you flexibility to have a life as well as a business.
  5. Grow your home business as more people shop online. Add new websites to increase your business too. The World Wide Web allows you to grow anywhere there are people surfing online.
  6. You are the boss. So tell yourself to get to work! If you are entrepreneurial by nature you will do very well working at home for yourself. If you are self-motivated you will really enjoy building your own home based business.


This is the time that I need to start making a list for Christmas. This time instead of making a list of person I am making a list of kind of stuff that I will be giving out certain person just of shake things up this year, break the old routine. For instance, magnetic therapy bracelets would make my lists that will be later on be assigned to a certain person in my life that I know would love magnetic therapy bracelets. I think that this would be interesting. Let’s see if this is better than my old Christmas list project.


Christmas causes many to feel the joy about the meaning of holiday, gathering with family and friends and exchanging gifts. Christmas shopping has become national pastime for many people, as list are formed, sales sought and crowds expected. When money is tight, holiday invoke more stress than fun and the fear of adding to already overburdened credit cards make some people dread the reason. You shouldn’t spend more than you can afford, but understanding the percentage of income that many people spend on Christmas gifts can be helpful.

Regardless of how much you spend Christmas present extra expense can cause financial hardship if you haven’t saved for it. Estimating you holiday spending based on your purchases in previous years can help you save monthly for the amount that you need. After calculating your Christmas budget and how much you must save each month, put money from each paycheck in separate account and avoid using it.

To keep your Christmas spending down, consider giving gifts that are meaningful, but cost you little or nothing, if you have ability to make attractive items that other can use or display, the recipient will appreciate the thought and effort. Alternatively, give certificate for free service that you perform. Re gifting, giving a gift that you received from someone else but don’t want or need, may be a solution.


I had been busy the past month that I forgot to set-up one of my project blog this year. I hate it when this happens. Hopefully I get to have the time to push it through by the end of this year. I am not saying what it would be all about because I don’t want to jinx it and then it will become one those unfulfilled plans. It’s like breaking a promise that made to me and I don’t want the kind of feeling that comes with it. As a clue, if you are curious, it has something to do with this website. So I guess I need to rearrange my priorities if I want this project blog of mine to get materialized.

Easy Tips on How to Make Money From Your Blog

Are you planning to set up a blog? Are you attracted by the prospect of making money while doing some blogging? If you are, then you are in for a good treat as there are many successful bloggers who make blogging as their alternative source of income. The better news is that there is no limit as to the number of successful bloggers and you can be one of them. Use this blogging for beginners article and start your blog now. Follow these easy steps:

Create your blog

The first thing you have to do is to set up your blog, technically. You have the option of choosing between free or paid blog platforms. If you are dead serious on blogging then you can get yourself a paid domain and host but if you want to minimize risks, then you can settle with a free blog first.</p>

Decide on your blog niche

You definitely have to blog about a certain niche or topic. It can be helpful to choose a niche that falls within your interests and passion so you can enjoy blogging at the same time.</p>

Establish your web presence

Money does not automatically pour in once you have published a few posts. You have to let your blog live on the Web and gain credibility, traffic and consistency on the web. Once you have done so, you can start monetizing your blog.


You can start by taking on paid posts assignments. After that, you can attract advertisers and sponsors. Monetizing your blog just gets easier over time as long as you have an established Web presence and credibility.


I do have a lot of guitar needless to say that I collect different kinds of guitar. I couldn’t say if I am an awesome guitarist but is surely an enthusiast. I started collecting guitar since I was a teenager and I even have separate rooms for them. To add to my collection I need to buy the futuristic looking guitar that I saw online. I thought I saw all kinds of guitar in the world but I was mistaken. There is still room for surprises for me in terms of guitar collection. Hopefully there would still be more surprises for me in the future because playing and collecting guitar makes me happy.


Motivation for saving money are numerous during tough economic times, however, money saving is always prudent thing to do. Doing so can help you set personal precedent for yourself of living within your means. A life of moderate living, smart investing and aggressive saving is way toward having more money available for your retirement years.

Emergencies – important motivation in money saving is thinking of possible emergencies in the future. Set aside small amount of money every month for car repair and for medical emergencies. Consider this seriously since emergency frequently come out nowhere.

Important purchases – think about essential items you need in a short term, these items might be household appliances, clothes even entertainment or related items. As with emergency money, place a set amount into saving or save up extra cash in special place within your home.

Long term finances – one of the greatest motivations in money saving is finances for long term goals. This might include money for college your child, home or retirement. Consider an investment with rules preventing withdrawals on these accounts for many years.